Fabuwood Cabinetry

Fabuwood Cabinetry is our premium stock cabinet line. Offering a wide selection of door styles and colors, it features great quality, all wood construction and dovetail drawers. Fabuwood is the leader in affordable luxury cabinetry. 


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Years ago, designing a kitchen was a matter of drawing box​es on graph paper. Today, the industry has evolved to include a myriad of styles, finishes and options. Appliances are far more complicated to integrate into a design, and designers need to work very closely with the installers throughout the installation process to insure the concept of design actually becomes the reality expected by the client. With the cost of a new kitchen escalating to an investment in your home rather than just a purchase, the best insurance a client can have is to choose the right dealership, that has a design team they are very comfortable with, and who are committed to the project rather than the sale.

At Pondside Kitchens and Hearth, we have worked hard to assemble the very best manufacturing partners to build the products our clients ask for, at a price that is very affordable. We invite you to explore our selected family of cabinet manufacturers...


We are happy to consider a price match with a local competitor including Home Centers. Many times we find that we are asked to match an estimate  that has design issues or is missing parts. Plus we find that the dimensions may not be accurate. Price matching can only be considered if you have a competitor quote in writing.

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Koch Cabinets

Koch Cabinets (pronounced COOK) is our semi-custom line that features many door styles and finishes. Koch Cabinets is a family owned company and is proud of their highly skilled craftsmen. Cabinets are built from the finest hardwoods grown in the Midwest, and like fine furniture, they enhance the beauty and functionality of your home. Whether creating a new space or renovating an existing room, Koch Cabinets will bring your dream kitchen to life. Lifetime Warranty

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Brighton Cabinetry

Brighton Cabinetry is our most popular cabinet line. It starts with the highest quality materials to create a "one-of-kind" look for your kitchen or other areas of the home. This is a fully custom built cabinet, not limited to stock sizes or colors. Brighton Cabinetry is our best value in affordable custom quality and pricing and features all wood construction with Dovetail Drawers, Full Overlay, Flush Inset, Beaded Inset and Frameless door styles. If you are looking at other semi-custom cabinet lines, we invite you to compare our prices with Brighton  Lead time is about 10 weeks. Lifetime Warranty.

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