Planning a new kitchen or bath project can be a daunting task. For most of our customers, the biggest challenge always appears to be the design and selection of the cabinets, countertops and hardware. However, properly planning the installation is just as critical.

At Pondside Kitchens and Hearth, we work with  very experienced teams of installers. However, we suggest that our customers contract installation directly with either their own contractor, or chose from our list of professionals. Installing a new kitchen or bath is very labor intensive, and requires a contractor that will directly be involved with your project. They must be very professional in communicating  effectively with you, and able to properly schedule all the needed trades to be ready and on time to keep the project moving. Also required is a contractor that absolutely knows the correct techniques for installing cabinets. This may all seem quite basic, however the most expensive cabinets and countertops can be damaged by an installer that is not familiar with the art of cabinet installation.

So where to start....

First, we can help you create a realistic budget. This should include everything from rip out, disposal, flooring, electrical and plumbing, wall and ceiling preparation, cabinet and countertop installation, and finish wall painting. Often we hear that a customer wishes to do some of the work themselves to save money. Be honest with yourself. Have you done this before, and do you have the time available to complete your part of the task within the scheduled timeline.

Second, meet with your contractors, and have them submit a written quote. We will be glad to work with experienced contractors you know, and help them fully understand your design and materials selected so they can properly quote the project.

Once you have selected the contractor, it is time to order the cabinets and countertops. We work very closely with your contractor to schedule delivery times and to be involved throughout the installation process. 

There are many exceptional contractors locally that will do a great job for you. We have worked with many of them, or we can assist in providing a list of local professionals. Be sure to allow plenty of time in advance to schedule thei
r estimation time and start dates.

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