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Designing a new kitchen or bath is an exciting process that requires extensive input from our clients, and substantial preparation by our design team. Gone are the days when clients can bring in a collection of dimensions and go home with a drawing and a price. Collecting and assembling the needed information, selecting products and styles, and then coordinating materials and colors takes time. When properly executed , the entire process should be an enjoyable experience. Here is the process that we have found over the years to best meet the needs of our customers.

Our first meeting is typically at our showroom. We like to introduce you to our company, and personally walk you through the design process. During this first meeting we review what products we represent, basic style and color review, and discuss your budget and timeline expectations. We also schedule a no-charge measure appointment at your home.

Our next meeting is at your home. We carefully measure your space, and discuss any structural, appliance, electrical or plumbing changes that you would like us to consider. We also take an extensive portfolio of pictures. This is a very important tool that we utilize both when we are creating designs and also during your showroom visits. We will then schedule a design review meeting  with you at our showroom or online using our virtual design program. 

The next phase of the project is completed in preparation for our first design presentation. Since we now have accurate dimensions and site information, we invest a great deal of time and effort to accurately create a "first draft" design.

The first review of your design is always an exciting meeting. Typically lasting about 2 hours, we take your initial design, and interactively edit it with you. At the end of the meeting we may have an estimate ready for you, however we will email you a more detailed estimate within several days to include cabinets and countertops. Clients often ask if we will print them out drawings to take home. We take great pride in our designs, and spend much time in preparing your estimate. We are glad to share these designs with you once you are comfortable with us, our products and our pricing. In order for us to protect the needed time to continue preparing you project, we charge a $500 Retainer Fee. This fee is collected after we have presented to you our first set of drawings and you are ready to move forward with design revisions and purchasing the project. Please remember that our home measure visit and preliminary design and pricing estimate is free with no obligation.  This Retainer Fee will be issued as a full credit to you when the specific project is ordered.


Here is the kitchen or bath design process......              The estimate is free!

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